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scholarship and charitable programs

Committed to nurturing the future generation of the wine industry.

The charitable work of The Oregon Wine Brotherhood (OWB) supports our organizational objectives including “Promoting the Wines and Wine Industry of Oregon.”  We have three charitable pathways:

1.  SCHOLARSHIPS:  A major cornerstone of The Oregon Wine Brotherhood is to provide
     scholarship funding for students pursuing degrees in wine studies programs and to provide
     funds to organizations for programs/special projects which support the Oregon wine  
     industry. For over 20 years OWB has provided more than $250,000 in student scholarships
     through our
endowment at the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF). 



      For the following fall-spring academic year, please apply by April 1.  Applications open                       November of each year.  Click HERE for the informational brochure.

         Click HERE to access the application form.  Enter the number 392 in the scholarship                        search box located on the left-hand side of the page near the top just below the title. Follow           the directions completely, the applications are due each year by April 1, 5 p.m. Pacific time.
      No late applications will be accepted.  Only Oregon and Washington residents are eligible.

      For inquiries, fill out the message section at the bottom of this screen or call the Scholarship 
      Committee Chair Don Olson at (503) 969-8822 or



     The Oregon Wine Brotherhood provides support to local organizations and institutions that
     provide funding for projects that directly benefit Oregon vineyards, wineries, and their
     employees.  The Community Giving Program results in a closer relationship with organizations
     that have a greater impact on the communities that support the wine industry.  These include
     programs focused on education, housing, and healthcare which directly impact vineyard/winery
     workers and their families.  

     For inquiries, fill out the message section at the bottom of this screen or call Josh Bratt at
     (503) 804-4458 or


      From time-to-time, The Oregon Wine Brotherhood will invest in special projects, events, or
      research that further our organizational objectives.  These investments are charitable in nature
      but are not required to be tax deductible.  An example includes data gathering that informs 

      how we prioritize our Scholarships and Community Giving. 

      For inquiries, fill out the message section at the bottom of this screen or call Josh Bratt at    
(503) 804-4458 or


Funding for our charitable work:

1.  SCHOLARSHIPS:  The Oregon Wine Brotherhood endowment at OCF provides the lion’s
     share of scholarship giving. 

     summer/early fall), a Barrel Tasting event is held at a member winery to celebrate the harvest
     and most recent vintage of the wines of our region.  A highlight of the day is a silent auction of
     wonderful wines, trips,  dinners and gifts.  Additional support comes from individual donations
     made by members of the brotherhood and their guests through our charitable paddle raise. 

We are excited about the ability to impact students involved in wine studies and, through the continued support of our membership, we look forward to making a difference and contributing to the growth of the wine industry.

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